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Which one will you take for your upcoming trip?

Should you be taking a camera for a voyage? Yes, duh!

Which one? It's up to you and what you will be doing!

Are cameras accessories? Hm... probably not

Can it be one? Probably!

Can you actually take any camera anywhere? No!

Why? Well, read on!

Let's take the canon rebel t6 and the Nikon Coolpix B500. They're pretty cameras, very useful, but can you take them anywhere? If you're going to a recreation park such as six flags, it'll be pretty hard to carry it around and very easy to lose it. Eventually, when you go on rides, they ask for all your personal belongings to be put aside in a bin and God forbids, someone steals it or you forget to get it back. On the other hand, if you're going to walk in times square or visit the museum, the canon or the Nikon would be the ideal cameras to take with you! (Not only the rebel t6, but any professional cameras that are as big and require a big lens, you know).

The good things about these cameras are their prices and the quality of the pictures. The quality of the pictures taken from these cameras are breathtaking! Good quality for less is the way to go, especially if you're on a budget like me.

A polaroid camera can be taken anywhere, literally. It adds style and it's useful. The thing about the polaroid is that you can find different ones that go with your outfits. Most polaroids are not expensive, such as the fujifilm instax mini 9. You can also go anywhere with the GoPro. It's literally made for visiting and exploring places. If you're an explorer, you know what to go with!

Now, Imagine going on a beach date with your girls, taking pictures, and wanting to go take underwater pictures, the GoPro would be the perfect fit for taking videos and pictures underwater. Whereas the polaroid is the perfect camera for making instant memories, giving each of your girl friends the ability to go home with a physical picture, and not just one that might get deleted on your phone and computer!

The best thing about each and every single one of these cameras is that you can find them anywhere, literally!

Which one will you be taking for your next trip?

P.S (Click on the images to shop these awesome cameras!)


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