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The truth behind my tattoos

Welcome back lovies!

I know I have been slacking hard but I have a good excuse. My grandpa just died and if you read my previous post, you know I've been going through a lot. I tried keeping up on instagram, and quite frankly, I did my best but oh well. I'm sorry for slacking.

Let's get to the point! The truth behind my two tattoos! If I had a dollar for every time someone ask me about the tattoo on my stomach, I'd be rich today.

Anyhow, I never talked about it to anyone but let's do this! It's a Dandelion with birds and its flowers. I did it for my birthday in 2015 after a very painful breakup. I was in an abusive relationship, mentally and physically abusive relationship. Don't get me wrong, I've learned, moved on, and I have no hate, nothing in my heart for that person. Anyways, I never had the strength, courage to walk away from the person and so I stayed and stayed and stayed until I decided it was enough.

January 2015, after years of staying through the pain, days spent at the hospital, me almost dying, I decided it was enough and moved on. Made the last mistake of going back with him in July 2015, not because I wanted to, or loved him but because I was bored and stupid. Broke up in September 2015. October 2015, I decided to get the tattoo because I was actually free and I wanted a statement to prove to myself that I am free, basically. So I chose the dandelion because it's a wish flower. I wished to never ever stay in an abuse relationship ever again, the birds as a sign of freedom, because I was free from him, and all the negativity that came with him and any other abusive relationship I'd get into.

My second tattoo is on my wrist. It's a crown & a matching tattoo. I got it with my cousin in 2017. We got it because well, we just wanted to get a tattoo together and really, no one wants to have a tattoo with someone who's gonna leave you two days or months later. We're close like that and we love each other. We got it because we're queens, literally, independent and loving queens.

Do I regret any of them? Absolutely not. I love both of my tattoos and wouldn't change them for the world. Am I planning on getting more? Yes, I already have two in mind. I want to get "Ti amour de papas" which is what my grandpa would call me and a flower. So.. I can't wait! If you guys have any suggestions on where I should get them, shoot your shotsss!

Thanks for reading, lovie. Xoxo


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