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The story behind "Delightful Graveyard" and "69"

Welcome back loviess!

As you probably already know, Fabrice Trecile and I published a book. Yes, we did that! Today, I'm going to tell you guys everything you need to know about these books.

I published "Delightful Graveyard" in February 2019. It's a book about dealing with death, all while knowing that in the end, you will be fine no matter how hard it is. It's also about the in-between moments, where just for one second you stop thinking about what's bothering you. It'll show you that you are not alone and that other people are probably going through the same thing!

I started to write this book when my aunt was put on hospice rest back in fall 2018, and some of the poems date from Spring 2018. This book was supposed to be published on the 25th of January 2019 but I was not satisfied with it.

When I got back from my trip to Haiti this January, I decided that I wanted my grandpa to be proud of me somehow. I worked and worked night and days. I would wake up at 6 A.M. in front of my laptop working on just my cover, for days and I would sleep on it to the point of it falling off the bed bending my charger as it happened the other day.

These poems have been edited and read by faculty members of my school, by at least 30 people in my writing classes, by my best-friends and family members, by F.J. Trecile (a lot), with the same emotions every single time which gave me the courage to write more.

For the most part, it was fun to work on! I spent hours trying to figure out what font I wanted the book to be in. Tried so many covers, In total, 5 different covers. All this to say, It was a learning process, I loved every bit of it and I hope you guys will enjoy reading Delightful Graveyard!

Now, let's talk about 69.

Fabrice Trecile's book is also a poem book. It's about sex, basically. Fabrice says "I wrote the book because sex takes up a big amount of space in my mind and might even be my favorite thing regarding human relations. I may sound like a sexually obsessed guy but its really about the intimacy and the pleasure that comes from it. I see it as this thing that basically everyone enjoys but yet keeps the details a secret which in my opinion makes it so valuable and somewhat mysterious. I wrote this book to explore this subject in all its depths."

Just like me, he started writing 69 in fall 2018. "With this book i hope to change people’s superficial view on sexuality. I want to show them that it is not something so shallow as they make it look like and that its depth doesn’t end with the person you are emotionally attached to. There’s value in even the simplest sexual acts with the most irrelevant people in our lives. Look for it and contemplate it."

I had the opportunity to work with him, get frustrated with him when we couldn't his cover right, get even more frustrated when we couldn't get the poems in the right place in his book and in our e-books, we are both finally content with our work and are so proud of ourselves!

P.S.: For the people in Haiti, we will have copies, signed if you'd like, very soon!

Thank you for reading and for the support!

- From the both of us. D.M. Prophete & F.J. Trecile

Here are the links to our books:


Delightful Graveyard:


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