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It's wedding season!

Everybody's getting married and starting lives while me.. well, I just get invited to weddings. It's wedding season and are you wondering what type of dress you should wear? Or if you even HAVE to wear a dress?

Truth is, we gotta break this "dresses for weddings" trend or whatever it is. How about jumpsuits? A cute romper? Skirts! I agree that jeans are too much of an "everyday" look for a wedding but we should, you know, change this dress mentality.

Whenever I go shopping with mom for a wedding, she literally always tells me to look for a dress. Every time I go to weddings, I see dresses, everywhere I look! I don't know why we decided that they are just a thing for weddings. I can't remember the last time I saw something other than that on someone!

As a fashion lover, I believe that fashion should be more about creativity than just going with what everybody wears, going with the norm.

I love a new trend from time to time but what I love more is being open to new things, open to wearing clothes that are out of the common for things not so out of the common. We shall wear jumpsuits, rompers, palazzo pants and cute tops for weddings. I just think that life is too short to wear boring clothes all the time!

How about you? What is your opinion on wearing something other than dresses for weddings?

Thanks for reading loves.

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