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In memory of the amazing Kate Noel Brosnahan

I know I'm late, again.. and that she's been gone but I just cannot get over this great lady. You're probably thinking,"why is Dahyna talking like someone who knew her?" That's because I did. I didn't know her personally but I knew her bags, her works. Kate Spade was a great woman and I will forever cherish her beautiful yet expensive bags that changed my life!

"How can bags change a person's life?", You're wondering.. Well, bags are that one thing people always notice after your clothes! Am I right or am I right? I know, I'm definitely right!

Bags are important. I am just obsessed with bags. I have more than 20 of them but none of them touch my heart as much as the Kate spade ones. Don't get me wrong, I love and I am sensitive for all of my bags but you see, my Kate Spades are the type of bags that are similar to my Michael Kors yet, you won't see them everywhere. You'll see fake MK and Coach but it's rare to see someone with a fake KateSpade.

I have bags for all stages of my life and for all kinds of trips from Childhood to adolescence to adulthood, from going back home to going to the beach to going to some expensive trip.

What's great about my bag collection is that you'll find all types of "dupes" for designer bags, trust me! You don't need to have a designer bag to go everywhere or have one at all. There are so many dupes like this New York and Company one.

Are you a Katespade person?

Would you rather get that Michael Kors?

Do you prefer staying in the middle and get an Aldo bag?

Do you mind getting that dupe for a change?

So which one will you get next?

P.S.: Thank you for reading and showing me some love. Hope you enjoyed it and feel more confident about bags!


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