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Gym it in style

I'm that girl that only goes grocery shopping with pj's on. I basically get dressed to go everywhere else.

It's totally normal to want to be stylish for the gym. What if you meet your future husband or wife at the gym? Or worse, what if you meet your school friends there and you're wearing this old big shirt full of holes you used to sleep with in 9th grade? Or, or, what if you're doing your squats and the old pants you used to love that are totally fucked up now just give in and that cute guy that's been starring at you see your now uncovered ass?

You see, I always make sure to go to the gym ready to take on the weights of the world, ready to lift 1000 pounds (that's what my brother pushes me to lift). You want to see gains in a certain amount of time, so you have to be prepared and dressed for the occasion, always!

Don't get me wrong though, you don't have to buy gym attires every month or every other month, no! Do not break your bank! You will know when to change your gym clothes. There's a way to be (for my Haitians, gon'w jan pou'w ye!). I have different gym clothes from different places, with all kinds of budgets.

This top is from Marshalls, yup! They sell bomb gym attires for affordable prices!

Look at this form & my arm though! Anyways, that's not my point. I just wanted to show you guys an example of gym outfit that's like "high end" and another one that's "drug store" like. I personally think that as long as you look bomb in clothes, the prices don't matter. Get what YOU can afford for YOURSELF. Get what YOU feel comfortable in.

What will you wear to the gym? Will you gym it in style?

P.S.: Thanks for reading and for the support! If you want to shop, just click on the image.


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