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Everything about my boyfriend's outfit!

Hey loves, welcome back!

So today we're doing something a little bit different. I'm gonna be talking about my boyfriend's outfit! Where he got everything from and basically rate them.

I am literally in love with guys that know how to dress properly for every occasion, like, it turns me on.. like I'm obsessed! Over the summer, my boyfriend came to visit me in Boston and visit the city. I decided to take him to one of my favorite shops which happens to sell men clothes!

YES! How awesome is it to be able to shop in the same store as your boyfriend (mind you i'm in a long distance relationship, so of course! yaa girl was happy as hell, ya know)! Anyhow, I took him to Primark!

Here is one of the results of my dearest Primark!

Both, the shirt and the pants are from Primark! Both costed no more than $30 bucks! (YUP, that's right). The shoes are from Adidas, I believe they were $90, and the glasses are Ray-ban's. Are we thinking the same thing? I bet we are! The clothes from there not only will last you but are also hot as hell.

Without being biased, I think this outfit (which was all him for once), is like a 9 out of 10. A little more creativity with another sock color would've upgraded it to a 10 out 10. I'm being a little picky but like I said before, fashion is all about creativity you know, fashion is art! I like the outfit itself because it's simple but not boring and the colors match super well. The choice was also ideal considering we went to the aquarium and on a duck tour! Good job Boyfriend!

If you're like us, and you love great prices that don't break the bank, you should check out Primark. *Wink, Wink*

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think! Xoxo


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