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Birthday post !

Welcomee back lovieess!

As you can see, Issaa birthday post! This October 8th, I turned 21 (FINALLY)!

I had a photoshoot done by one of my friends at my house, yup you heard it, my house! I don't know but I just wanted cute pictures so I went out, bought a backdrop and did the photoshoot with my Iphone Xs. It takes great pictures by the way. So anyways, I just wanted to share the pictures on my blog with you amazing readers!

I am going to tell you where I got the dress and accessories, of course! That's what I do!

Let's get it! I got the dress from Windsor for $50 or so but they also sell it on I got the necklace from my sister in law's room! I got the earrings and bracelet from I had a lot of fun taking these pictures. I think this dress is one of my favorite dresses because of the way it just flows on me and feels just so right. I have these clothes that just feel so right on my body, I don't know if it's just me but that's how I feel.

On Saturday before my birthday, we had a little party in which my brother and sister in law surprised me with a cake and I just have to show it to you guys!

So apparently they chose Forever21 and Sephora cause they're my favorite stores and then specifically Forever21 because I am 21 and finally Legalll !

Sharing these things with you guys are like the highlight of my day!

Thank you for reading lovies! There's still time to sign up for the giveaway, just go read my previous blog (I received my Jord Watch!), you'll find the link on there!


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